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  • Internet: a pool of new behaviors
  • Performance is no longer only defined by work. Performance is directly linked to the person
  • Today's "performance" depends:
    less on the amount of individual drive and efficiency
    more on
      - the capacity of individuals to work with others
      - to render the collaboration system effective globally
  • But the "collectivization" of efficiency is accompanied by a growing individualization of remuneration.
  • What matters in the recruitment process is what distinguishes an employee from his colleagues because companies are trying to trigger the potential synergies.
  • Difficult for the employee to distinguish between work assessment and personal assessment.

  • Network organisations could favour a mercenary behaviour because the individuals are by definition hired in a precarious mode.

  • They also contain the seeds of new forms of exclusion:
    The sharing out of tasks being less formal, more informal work groups are co-opted to work together.
    Less successful groups find themselves quickly pushed aside in order not to dampen the quality of the results.