Founded in 2004, the IVY Club aims to:
  1. Bring together European business leaders from major technology firms.
  2. Host a number of events allowing members to meet up and discuss various themes
  3. Receive non-European business leaders passing through Paris.
  4. Establish contacts between members of the Club through at least one plenary meeting per month and regular interactive sectoral workshops.

June 2015 Cedric Villani
in front of the IVY Club
The IVY Club is open to Presidents, Managing Directors and Division Directors from companies in the technology and media sectors (manufacturers, software editors, consulting and IT services firms, semiconductor and component manufacturers, consumer electronics, network equipment manufacturers, telecom operators, internet providers, e-Business companies, digital companies…) as well as CIO’s of prominent companies.

Among members : Accenture, Alstom, Apple, Bouygues Telecom, Canon, Capgemini, Cisco, Dassault Systèmes, Dell, Ericsson, Orange, Gemalto, Google, HP, Intel, Oracle, La Poste, Microsoft, Renault-Nissan, Safran, Samsung, Schneider Electric, SNCF, Tech Data, Toshiba, VMWare.

September 2015
Philippe Aghion
and Pierre Aussure

Luc Ferry, Nicolas Dufourcq, Valérie Pécresse and Philippe Aghion were our last key note speakers.

The admissions committee, which has been elected by the founder members, votes to accept new candidates. Participation is limited to one person per company. Members must be physically present and cannot be represented by anybody else. Journalists are not allowed entry to the Club.

  • Philippe Aghion
  • Navi Radjou
  • Cedric Villani
  • Pr Alain Carpentier
  • Henri Verdier
  • Pierre Nanterme
  • Luc Ferry
  • Nicolas Dufourcq
  • Olivier Piou
  • Valérie Pécresse
  • Denis Payre
  • Bernard Emié
  • Arnaud Montebourg
  • Laurent Wauquiez
  • Jean-Louis Levet
  • Louis Gallois
  • Bruno Le Maire
  • Alain Rousset
  • Jérôme Cahuzac
  • Jean-Pierre Raffarin
  • Anne Lauvergeon
  • Michel Sapin
  • Jean-Claude Trichet
  • Patrick Artus
  • Jean-Louis Beffa
  • Jean-François Coppé
  • Laurent Fabius
  • Raymond Soubie
  • Nicolas Baverez
  • Michel Pébereau
  • Alain Minc
  • Philippe Villin
  • Jacques Attali
  • François Pérol
  • Henri Guaino
  • John Paul Kavanagh
  • Lionel Stoléru
  • Michel Camdessus
  • Claude Bébéar
  • Christian Saint-Etienne
  • René Ricol
  • Denis Kessler
  • Sir Peter Westmacott
  • Michel Cicurel
  • Augustin de Romanet
  • Jean-Paul Betbèze
  • Claude Allègre
  • Geneviève Férone
  • Michel Barnier
  • Nicolas Beytout
  • Christine Ockrent
  • Christian de Boissieu
  • Franz-Olivier Giesbert
  • Jacques Barrot
  • Thierry de Montbrial
  • Sir John Holmes
  • Hubert Védrine
  • Elisabeth Guigou
  • Patrick Devedjian
  • François Chérèque
  • Richard Descoings
  • Ernest-Antoine Seillière
  • Francis Mer