Table of content

Introduction : Why not you?
1. The ideal candidate does not exist
Your CV
Which sector?
The "pluses" which can change everything
The questions to ask yourself
2. Knowing yourself
What is your objective?
What are your assets?
What is your style?
What are your values?
Exploiting all your strengths
3. Preparing for and managing the hunters call
Before the call
During the call
After the call
4. How to behave face-to-face
The interview with the head hunter
The interviews with the company
The questions
The dos and don'ts of the interview
5. A little guide to the disasters that are sure to happen
Being indifferent
Clouding the issue
Going too far too fast
Going off course
Being negative
Mistaking the role of the head hunter
Making beginners mistakes
6. The right career choices
The hopes, the rise to power, and the reaping of the benefits
The first steps
The decisions to make in your thirties
7. Establishing your career path
Getting rid of the preconceived ideas
Systematically adding real professional value
Understanding the nature of your professional worth
Distinguishing yourself
8. Reaching the top
The factors that depend only on you
External elements to take into account
9. Is it all really worth it?
Being a leader is not the be all and end all
All is not rosy at the top
Facing the external dangers
Watching out for the internal enemy