How to be successful in your career
Secrets of head hunting

Secrets of head hunting
Why do certain people reach the higher level jobs whilst others, with perhaps the same qualities, do not progress so quickly?

Revealing the methods and selection criteria of head hunters, this book has been specially written to help all those who are, or who wish to be, the target of professionals searching for candidates of a high level.

  • What qualities do head hunters favour?
  • How to succeed in all stages of the recruitment process?
For Pierre Aussure, the success of the "hunted" lies greatly in the approach they have to their career.
  • What are the best choices according to your current job, age, title, activity sector, etc.?
  • How to increase your professional value throughout your career?
  • What are the internal and external factors that impact upon your progression?
Illustrated with numerous examples, this practical book is based on 20 years experience. It is the first "investment" to make in order to speed up your professional success!

Pierre Aussure, Director General of Ivy Executive Search, is an executive search consultant for senior executive positions at a high level. Founder of the Ivy Award, which he gives each year to a promising new talent in the technology sector, he has written this book at the request of senior directors and managers.