Don't throw out the cyberbaby with the bath water
Internet mirage and reality
Published at Dunod

Don't throw out the cyberbaby with the bath water!
This adage should be written on the frontispiece of all business and media. Eighteen months of Internet hysteria, swept aside by a salutary return to reason, is not enough to wipe away the profound social and economic evolution. If the myth of a "new economy" disconnected from established rules has been shattered, it would be simplistic to deny the lasting economic changes resulting from the new information technology.
Recreation is over, it's now time for re-creation.

This book shows a realistic panorama of the actual opportunities that exist and the tendencies that accompany the everyday business use of the web. The click and mortar model, Napster model, the emergence of dot corps, re-engineering of value chains, the fate of infomediaries and content aggregators, network organization, the sudden emergence of the N-geners - this net generation bereft of traditional management values or models - these are just some of the themes analyzed in this abundant and enlightening book. Using numerous examples of European companies, this book will help managers and decision makers distinguish between that which emerges from the mirage and that which emerges from a true "economic intelligence".