For 15 years, IVY's founder has specialized in chief executive board member and senior-level management search assignments for a wide variety of clients, including multinational corporations, mid-cap and start-up companies, foundations and governmental units.

Executive search differs from other types of employee recruitment in two ways: first, in the quality of the talent sought; second, in the quality of the firm which seeks that talent.

Because an executive search firm identifies, works with and evaluates high-level managerial talent, it must pursue its work with an equally high level of thoroughness, insight, professionalism and ethical conduct - a level that distinguishes the executive search firm from the mass of employment agencies and contingent fee-recruiters.

Executive search firms work by retainer only and, in that way, maintain objectivity and efficient use of client time. A firm recommends candidates based only on a belief in their suitability, not in an attempt to earn a commission. And a firm recommends only those few candidates who - after exhaustive research, evaluation and investigation - are best qualified. This avoids wasting the client's time with countless interviews.

"The secret of art lies not in the searching, but in the finding."
Pablo Picasso
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