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Every client has different needs, and each assignment conducted by IVY is unique. What remains constant are the high standards we apply throughout the assignments.

IVY works within three phases, ensuring the optimum results at the end of each phase. As each search differs, so does the process. We tailor to each search and add consultative value whenever possible.

Throughout the phases of the search process, we use the utmost discretion to guarantee the confidentiality sought by clients and potential candidates alike.

Phase One
    1 - Introductory consultations
    2 - Position specification and search plan
    3 - Research
    4 - Contacting sources and prospective candidates

Phase Two
    5 - Progress reports to clients
    6 - Interviewing prospective candidates
    7 - Preliminary reference checks
    8 - Preparing candidates reports
    9 - Client / candidates interviews
  10 - Reference checking

Phase Three
  11 - Negotiating the offer
  12 - Follow-up

"A strong feeling is necessary. One does not acquire it without effort, but first by observation and especially by strenuous work and research."
Vincent Van Gogh