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Management appraisal requires assessments that:

  • Compare executives to validate profiles for targeted positions.
  • Incorporate benchmark knowledge of experienced senior search professionals.
  • Integrate foreseeable shifts in values, strategy and desired behavior.
  • Provide our client with guidelines to make decisions about management development needs.
IVY's entire assessment approach follows a five step process:

Step #1: Meeting with the client

During this step, we will:

  • Confirm the scope and objectives of the project, i.e. types and number of executives involved, specific outcomes the client wants to achieve, etc.
  • Collect information about the client's mission, vision, values, strategy, organization and key challenges.
  • Create job profiles which encapsulate the key competencies and values required for each position to be assessed.
  • Collect available information regarding each participant's performance.
Step #2: Collect participant pre-work

Audited participants will complete one full line assessment instrument. Feedback from the result of this on line activity will be reviewed with each participant at one stage of the assessment process.

Participants may also be asked to provide in-depth information about their work history and their achievements.

Step #3: Interviews

Each participant is interviewed using a structured interview process. Results of the participant's pre-work are used to check specific areas of strength or weakness.

Step #4: Client outcomes

The client receives a detailed analysis of each individual's "degree of fit" in terms of:

  • The requirements of his/her specific job profile.
  • The requirements of any other job profile defined for the assessment assignment.
  • The cultures and key values of the organization.
Step #5: Participant feedback

At the client's request, IVY consultants meet with each executive to provide personal feedback on his/ her assessment.