As governance issues continue to change, IVY is sensitive to the impact that this has on clients and tailors its approach to the specific needs of each client.

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Reasons for the need for new outside director

  • Vacancy
  • Desire to increase depth, diversity, knowledge and experiences represented.
  • Insistence of major shareholder.
  • Result of an acquisition.
  • Representation of a particular organization or function.
Sources of candidates
  • People already known to the CEO board members, or other candidates.
  • Systematic approach to screen out and select candidates.
  • Use of nominating committee.
  • Use of outside organizations, such as executive search firms or management consultants.
Criteria of Selection

  a) Character and background

  • Intelligence, honesty, integrity, diligence, sophistication in business.
  • Personal compatibility with the CEO.
  • Genuine interest in the company or the industry.
  • Certain level of understanding of business and finance and how a company is run.
  • Knowledge and experience in a particular business or technological function.
  • Past experience in successfully managing a corporation.
  • Prestige value to the corporation.
  b) Contribution to board diversity
  • Inside/outside director mix.
  • Emphasis on balanced boards particularly in companies that make a variety of products or provide a range of services.
  • A variety of experiences and points of view.
  • Relevance of that experience.
  • In addition to experience and wisdom: youth, fresh ideas, innovation.
  • Geographical scope, especially for different points of view, for local knowledge, and for opening doors.
  • Representatives of specific groups or segments of society.
  c) Board Member criteria checklist
  • Ability to exercise business judgement.
  • Attained position of leadership in business, finance, law, government, education, science or administration.
  • Absence of conflict of interest or other legal impediments.
  • Willingness to devote the time required to prepare for board and committee meetings as required by the company.
  • Availability to attend board and committee meetings.
  • Experience in business, finance, law, government, education, science or administration.
  • Age, potential length of service.
  • Familiarity with national and international business matters.
  • Applicability of experience to the business of the company and its affiliates.
  • A diverse background not directly related to the company's industry or industries.
  • Geographical location of candidate.
  • Representation of a specific constituency.
Reasons for serving on Boards of Directors

  a) Prestige

  b) Compensation

  • Usually not the key factor
  • Must be competitive relative to other companies of similar size.
  • Ingredients of the package: cash and non-cash.
  c) Educational/informational benefits
  • Standards of comparison.
  • Exposure to innovation.
  • Broadened insight.
  • Exposure to different management styles.
  • A source of counsel.
  d) Psychic income
  • Challenge, stimulation, fun.
  • Relief from parochialism.
  • Refreshing new perspectives.
  • Reality checks and green light control.
  • Judgelike qualities of the role.
Reasons for declining
  • Conflict with meeting dates of another board.
  • Current commitments versus the time the new directorship will require.
  • Conflicts of interest.
  • Skeletons on the closet.
  • Lack of indemnification and liability insurance.