IVY Main Office
90, rue d'Assas
75006 Paris - France

Tel:  +33 (1) 56 81 28 28
Email: paris.office@ivysearch.com


Upon arrival at building, lift N°2, 3rd floor, door on left
Before 9am, between 12 midday and 2.30pm and after 7pm, a code is needed for the main entrance.

It is very possible to find parking spaces in the vicinity of rue d'Assas. If however you are unable to find a parking space, the nearest public car park is at 138bis, boulevard Montparnasse (a five-minute walk from the office).

From the carpark, take the rue de Chevreuse exit, cross the road and turn onto rue Séjourné or rue de Chevreuse, then turn right onto rue Notre Dame des Champs before taking a left onto rue Joseph Bara. Take the first turn left and you will be on rue d'Assas.