1. Confidentiality
    IVY Professionals at all times will respect confidential information entrusted to them by clients and candidates.

  2. Definition of Client and Client Protection
    IVY Professionals will, for each assignment undertaken, define what constitutes "the client organization". They will inform the client that IVY will not recruit or cause to be recruited any person from the defined client organization for a period of 1 year after the completion of such assignment unless the client and IVY agree in writing to an exception.

  3. Limitations
    IVY Professionals will disclose to clients, for each assignment undertaken, any limitations arising through our relationships with other clients that may affect the scope of the search or the Professional's ability to approach individuals in other client organizations.

  4. Protection of Successful Candidates
    IVY Professionals will nor recruit or cause to be recruited from a current or former client any individual hired by a client upon IVY's recommendation, except with consent of the client.

  5. Candidate Treatment
    No matter whether candidates we have sourced fit the current search or not, we treat them all with the same respect and fairness. If a candidate does not fit the profile, we give him feedback with a fair and open explanation. All information received from candidates is treated with utmost care.

  6. Candidate Presentation
    IVY Professionals will not present candidates for client interviews without prior personal interview by an IVY consultant. Before disclosing to a client any aspect of a potential candidate's background, obtained from this individual, permission to do so must be secured from this individual.

  7. Parallel Presentation
    IVY Professionals will not present the same candidate simultaneously to more than one client without disclosure to the clients.

  8. R�sum� Floating
    IVY Professionals will not engage in unsolicited " floating of r�sum�s " or " making referrals " of individuals to clients unless there is an ongoing and current retainer-based relationship and there exists and agreement to do so.

  9. Replacement Searches
    In the event a candidate who was placed by IVY leaves the client within six months after employment, IVY will conduct a search to replace the candidate without charging a fee.

  10. Position Advertising
    IVY Professionals will not use advertising as a mechanism for filling a position unless advertising is required by law or the client has requested or approved it in advance.

  11. Outplacement
    IVY is not engaged in providing "outplacement" service. IVY Professionals shall under no circumstances accept payment for counseling individuals or for assisting individuals to find employment.